The digital RHWBgallery presents an overview of the digital artistic lifework of the painter/image-maker Reinhard H.W. Brand alias RHWB.

The individual images shown in the subgalleries are not photos of the artworks, but pixel-reduced digital copies of the digital artworks.

RHWB NFT art means, that digital images of RHWB are minted as non-fungible tokens and sold on the blockchain such as Rarible. They are offered at the reserve price of 0,1 Ether.

You can buy some artworks on Rarible, for your special favourite image shown on the RHWBgallery please contact us for an offer.

If you prefer a digital artwork for 16×9-screens or digital frames and do not value tokens, you can get it in 2021 as a special offer for only 169€ on USB-stick . Included is a unique printtemplate for a Fine Art Print of your choice.